Our resins will boost your products

Excellent dimensional stability, insulation against noise, heat or cold, chemical resistance – these are just a few of the unique properties our resins will add to your products.

Resins for the construction sector

Whether you manufacture plywood for concrete forming or laminated veneer lumber for building elements, our resins contribute to your product‘s performance, making it for example weather-resistant, with enhanced mechanical properties and dimensional stability.
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Resins for highly demanding industrial applications

Our resins prove their versatility by serving a wide variety of applications, such as abrasives, refractory, friction and composites.
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Resins for heat and noise insulation
A large proportion of our resins are used as binders to produce glass and stone wool insulation materials as well as glass fibre tissue. Our resins enhance the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the final product.
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Case studies
The applications of our resins are many and varied, and so are the interesting stories related to them. Read how our customers benefit from our phenolic and amino resins.
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